Is Managing Your Dallas, TX Non-Profit's Finances Over Your Head?

Hire R. Dale Dowell CPA, P.C. in Dallas, TX

What We Do

We understand the unique challenges that nonprofits face. Our experienced network of experienced professional offers a full range of specialized services to help organizations operate more efficiently and fulfill their missions.

Audit & Review

We perform an operational review of the nonprofit, focusing on internal controls and proper accounting procedures. We then present the findings, trends and issues to the organization’s board, taking into account its unique industry perspective.

Tax Services

We are dedicated to nonprofits. We understand that the Form 990 is more than just a tax return ― it’s a window into an organization’s financial strength, and it also outlines its mission and achievements. The 990 has become a powerful marketing tool reviewed by potential donors, investors, the media and anyone else looking for initial information about a nonprofit. We know how important it is, and we can help any organization get the most value from theirs.


We leverage the scalability to overcome the unique challenges faced by nonprofits. We can provide outsourced finance and accounting solutions for your entire back end office, provide temporary or permanent placement finance resources or we can do project work as needed to take care of all of a nonprofit organization’s need. We can perform a simple review, set up a Chart of Accounts, establish fund accounting reports, or help integrate accounting and development.